ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Belly Tickling Makes You Cum

I know how much you like to see me tickle torment someone who’s tied to my bed. I know how aroused you get watching me mercilessly tickle someone’s bare belly and delicate ribs. And when that someone is Ama Rio, that makes it even MORE arousing for you. That’s because Ama is one of the most ticklish people I’ve ever had the pleasure of tickle tormenting. Her bare belly and ribs are extremely ticklish, and for this entire session, I’m going to mainly focus my tickling on her skinny tight torso.

Throughout this scene, as I tickle her, I’m going to talk to you and I’m going to instruct you to jerk your cock. That’s right, this is a tickling jerk off instruction, but with me actually tickling someone. This is a first time for me doing a scene like this! You better appreciate that! I’m going to continue instructing you to jerk that cock of yours as you watch me make ticklish Ama suffer under my aggressive, devious fingers. And you know how sadistic I can be.

At the end, I want you to cum when I tell you to. I count down from 10. I’ll still be tickling her as I slowly count down. And when I get to 1, I want you to orgasm at that precise moment! Don’t fuck it up! It’s not like you haven’t learned control by now.

How will that make you feel as I talk to you while I’m tickle tormenting someone’s ticklish belly? I bet you’re fully aroused just by reading this and watching the preview gif, huh? Just think how great it will be watching the whole scene from start to finish! Now get to watching and get to jerking!

Length: 10:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Belly Tickling Makes You Cum

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