ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Grandma’s Special Tickle Punishment

The special school you go to for unruly 18 year olds is supposed to send me a report card to let me know how you’re doing in school. But I haven’t received it yet and I suspect you’re hiding it from me. How dare you hide something from your Grandma! Well, sonny boy, you’re gonna tell me where it is or I’m going to tickle you until you do. I don’t care how weird you think I am. You should know by now that my unusual method of punishment is what’s in store for you anytime you misbehave. I know how ticklish you are, that’s why I have you tied to the bed. What’s the matter, you don’t like when Grandma punishes you with tickling? Not even when I play itsy bitsy spider or baby talk you as I tickle you like I do here? Tough! As long as you’re living with me, I will discipline you any way I want. And tying you up and tickling is my preferred punishment for you! Now gimme that tummy wummy! Tickle tickle!

Length: 12:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

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