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Given all of the tickling and torment I dish out regularly, Ama Rio decided she’s going to use her height advantage to over power me and give me a taste of my own medicine. With my wrists cuffed behind my back, Ama throws me on the bed on my back and climbs on top of me. She tickles my ribs and my belly and then jams her fingers under my arms to tickle my armpits. She’s taunting me the whole time too. I think I’ve rubbed off on her. Ama then flips me over and continues to tickle me from behind, including reaching down to tickle my little feet. I order her to “uncuff me!” but she clearly doesn’t give a damn. She’s the one in charge right now and she’s going to have fun with it. This power trip she’s on actually makes her a little frisky too because she stops a few times to gently and sensuously kiss and lick my neck, which, not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed that. But then she starts tickling me again damnit! What a tease! Now she had my locked between her legs and I’m unable to go anywhere or escape her tickling fingers.

As if all that weren’t enough, now Ama has me on my stomach and hogtied. She worships my feet and then tickles them. There were even a few moments where she was worshipping my feet while tickling them at the same time! I guess I had this coming to me. I admit, I did enjoy it though, a little.

Length: 13:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

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