ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – I’m Going To Have Fun With These Ticklish Big Feet

Backstory: Vanessa is a journalist who came to my residence to investigate reports that many men, including a certain councilman have been visiting me. The reports also include that there always lots of heavy laughter that can be heard too.  Vanessa is really pressing me until I finally was fed up and invited her in. I decided that I was going to show her first-hand just what it is I actually do with these men. Except she has no idea what I have in store for her. Once inside, I offer her a drink. But I put a little something in her cup that will make her fall fast asleep.

Vanessa awakes: This is where the clip actually starts. Vanessa wakes up to find herself bound to a chair with her feet tied together with rope and attached to the bench. I remove her sneakers and socks to reveal her VERY large, soft bare feet. I tickle and tease her feet with a stiff feather. I brush it up and down her lonnnng soles and in between her toes. I then use my fingernails to aggressively tickle Vanessa's big feet as she laughs and squirms in the chair. Vanessa is quickly understanding why there is so much laughter coming from here! I also use an electric toothbrush on her feet and the vibrating brushes seem to be very effective on Vanessa's ticklish size 12s. However my fingernails are my favorite weapon of choice when it comes to tickle torturing helpless bare feet. So after the electric toothbrush, I spend the rest of the of the time tickling her feet with my nails!

That's what you get for snooping around and asking questions Vanessa! 

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080,, 6010 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0162 (Windows Media Audio 9 Professional), 44100Hz, 440 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 10:03.279
Size: 458,291 Mb

Download – I'm Going To Have Fun With These Ticklish Big Feet

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