ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – No Mercy For Tiny Freya

Skinny, topless, tiny 4’10” Freya is stretched tight and bound to my torture table. Her body has been covered with oil and she’s about to receive the tickling of her life! I use my fingers to tickle her ticklish, narrow little rib cage and tight belly. The oil increases the tickling sensations as my cruel fingers tickle her upperbody without mercy. Her exposed underarms, that are also covered with oil, just scream for extensive tickling. I spend lots of time using my fingertips to mercilessly tickle them. I watch her face as she laughs and struggles. This is the kind of sadistic tickle torture that I love! I move down to her extremely soft, small feet that are also oiled and very ticklish. My fingernails tickled her feet aggressively as they wiggle around. I thoroughly enjoyed tickling her soft little feet! I move back up on the table where I continue on with tickle torturing Freya’s ticklish upper body. Poor little thing.

Duration: 15:42.785
Size: 716,061 Mb

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