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Kitty is in a medical facility where she’s being treated for mental issues, and I will be the nurse who was assigned to help treat her. I looked at her chart and it turns out that Kitty doesn’t have much contact with anyone, so whatever happens to her, no one will ever really know. That’s when I decide to very deviously indulge in a major twisted kink that I have. That kink is to tie up an unsuspecting person and tickle them without any mercy. Maybe afterward I can give her something that will help her forget it even happened. But until then, I have her in a secluded ward where she’s bound hand and foot very tightly and spread eagled to the bed. She’s wearing almost nothing at all. I enter the room and tell her it’s time for her treatment. That’s when I put on my latex gloves. I want this to be more like a clinical tickle torment. I pour baby oil into my gloved hands and then begin tickling Kitty. Her super skinny ticklish body becomes slick from the oil and makes my fingers glide all over her sensitive skin. Even though we’re away from most other people, I have her ballgagged just to help muffle the sounds of her torturous laughter. I show no mercy whatsoever. I really want to make Kitty suffer from the tickling. That’s the kind of tickling I love most! The feeling I had was total excitement because , one, I was turned on by sadistically tickling a helpless person. And two, I knew what I was doing was so wrong, and being bad like that has always been fun. Plus I knew I’d get away with it. So I spent a good amount of time here just mercilessly tickling Kitty without stopping as I watched her face and enjoyed the look of tickle desperation I was putting her through. I decided to keep this treatment session concentrated to only her ribs, sides, belly and a whole lot of underarm tickling. As long as I can keep getting away with this, I will continue to tickle torment unsuspecting patients for my enjoyment!

Length: 10:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

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