ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – The Little Tickle Fairy


Tall gorgeous blonde Vika had just finished up practicing her foot teasing with her beautiful big size 10 stocking feet when the Tickle Fairy showed up. That tickle fairy was me! And I wasn’t about to waste an opportunity to see just how ticklish Vika is. I use my fingers tickle her sensitive pantyhose covered feet, as well as my furry tickle paws and a feather too. I peel her stockings off because I want to get those amazing bare feet of hers too! It turns out, Vika is just WAY too ticklish! She needs to be restrained!

After getting Vika cuffed spread eagle to the bed, I begin tickling her upperbody. My fingers attack her armpits, sides and belly. Vika is super ticklish! The way she bounces all around as she’s being tickled were the reactions I, the tickle fairy, was looking for! I truly loved the fact that little me, who is only 5’1″ was making this beautiful, tall 5’10” girl suffer so much under my hands! I unbuttoned her top and uncovered her breasts to make her feel even more vulnerable. Then I continued my tickle torture attack all over her body, including those big soft ticklish feet, using my bare hands and even using the furry gloves and some feathers too. This was an all out tickle torture assault on poor helpless Vika.

Duration: 15:22.421
Size: 909,612 Mb

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