ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – The Nurse’s Instruments of Tickle Torture

Carmen has a certain kind of ailment that requires heavy, prolonged laughter in order to cure it. So the Dr has prescribed Carmen to be tickle tortured as her therapy. Being a sadistic nurse, it became my duty to administer the tickle torture therapy. Carmen is tied down to the therapy table when I enter the room. I'm wearing long metal pointy tickle claws on my right hand. This is one of the instruments that I will be using to make Carmen laugh and giggle uncontrollably. I trace the long pointy tips all up and down the sensitive skin of her body. Carmen twists and turns as I eventually make my way down to her soft ticklish bare feet. I tickle her little soles and Carmen continues laughing and struggling.

I remove my tickle claws and use instruments that are extremely effective when it comes to tickle torture, my fingers! I tickle Carmen's helpless ticklish feet with my fingertips. I love feeling her wiggling feet under my fingers! I make my way back up to her upperbody where I use my fiendish fingers to tickle her sides, belly, ribs and under her arms!

Next I bring out my last instrument, the wartenberg wheel and roll it all over the skin of Carmen's ticklish body.

I'm not sure she's completely cured, so she might have to endure more tickle torture!

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Download – The Nurse's Instruments of Tickle Torture

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