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Tina (played by Mistress Tempted), a very tall beauty with LARGE feet, has not been doing well in algebra class and even got a D on her last test. So Tina was made to go see a tutor so she could get help. 

As the tutor, Ms. Sinns, sits in the chair during the first tutoring session, Tina is casual laying on the floor in the pose, her large sexy feet very close to the tutor, and seems to not be the least interested in getting help with her algebra.   What Tina might not know though, is that the tutor has a thing for tickling and can't resist tickling feet if they're within reach, and the teasing is just too much to not act upon it. So the tutor reaches over and gives Tina's feet a quick tickle. Tina reacts and immediately begins to laugh and giggle. Loving Tina's reaction, Ms Sinns is now VERY much in the mood to have a little fun by really exploring her student's large ticklish feet! She gets off the chair and down on the floor with Tina and begins tickling her feet. "Tickle Tickle Tickle, coochie coochie coo.." Ms. Sinns says repeatedly. Tina laughs and squirms as Ms. Sinns' long nails rake both of her soft ticklish bare feet. This lasts several minutes until Ms. Sinns decides it would be best if she tie Tina's hands behind her back and cuffs her ankles together to make it easier for her to tickle Tina's feet. 

Ms. Sinns then lays on the floor, herself now in the pose which shows off her petite bare soles, and continues tickling Tina's poor helpless ticklish feet. All Tina can do is laugh and take it the tickle tutor continues with her "lesson"!

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Download – The Tickle Tutor

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