ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – The Tickling Game Part 1

Ama really needs to make this sale and she knows that by pleasing Matt will definitely work in her favor. So she comes to me for help. And it just so happens that I am aware of one of Matt’s strong fetishes that involves foot fetish, tickling and lickling. I let Ama know that if we make and send him a video of her being tickled by me while we play a game, that should seal the deal and she’ll get a hefty commission. Ama instantly agreed!

In this, part one of the Tickling Game, Ama is on the table with her wrists bound at the sides and her feet are cuffed together and secured to the table. I remove the shoes from her large size 9 feet and then peel off her socks. Ama’s very sensitive soles are now bare and completely vulnerable. I use my fingertips to tickle all up and down her ticklish feet and toes while Ama laughs and rocks back and forth. I use my tongue to ‘lickle’ on her feet and toes too which also produces reactions from ticklish Ama. Then as part of the game, I stick a couple of quarters between Ama’s toes, and she has to make sure they don’t fall as I tickle her feet. Do you think Ama can make this first round without letting the coins drop?

Duration: 11:44.180
Size: 529,974 Mb

Download – The Tickling Game Part 1

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