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I entered the bedroom and found Dacey relaxing on the bed. She told me she just finished up with working a double and is pretty sore. She asked if I would give her a massage and of course I said yes. Except the kind of massage I had in mind was going to be a bit more SINNister that what she expected! Dacey rolled onto her stomach and I climbed on top of her, butt to butt. I started massaging her back and shoulders, but then I started to lightly tickle her. Dacey is VERY ticklish! I stop the tickling and go back to massaging, then back to tickling! She’s just too much fun and too ticklish for a tickler like me not to tickle! I needed to make a small change. The scene then changes to where Dacey now has her arms bound above her head and her ankles are tied together. I continue to alternate massage and tickling to Dacey and she’s bucks and laughs hard whenever I tickle her. She can’t see me, so she doesn’t know when it’s coming, which makes it even more ticklish for her! Then it got to the point where I just wanted to tickle her front side. So the scene changes once more to Dacey on her back. And that’s when I spend the rest of the session tickle her belly, ribs, sides and armpits! There is no foot tickling in this session. By the time I was done with Dacey’s tickle massage therapy, she was so exhausted that she forgot all about her soreness!

Length: 14:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

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