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Sydney has been in a correctional facility for a while, when she became aware of an opportunity to reduce her sentence. If she agreed to sign up for some experimental medical procedures, then she could end up with a lighter sentence. So she signed up.

The day came where Sydney was to begin the experiential procedures. This procedure calls for her to be restrained for everyone’s protection. I was the nurse assigned to Sydney. I was assigned to her, because this treatment requires skilled and prolonged tickling, and I am not only the leading expert in the world of merciless tickling, I also happen to really enjoy administering ruthless tickling on prisoners. I have no pity for them whatsoever. In fact, regardless of who I’m tickling, I have zero pity for them.

I love those moments where I’m removing a subject’s footwear and socks, revealing their extra sensitive bare feet. Knowing that I am going to have however long I want to tickle their feet without any mercy, it’s so thrilling to me.

I use my long fingernails to tickle tickle tickle Sydney’s ticklish, super soft bare soles and toes. She can’t do anything about it. She’s sitting up with her arms cuffed and raised above her head and her ankles are cuffed down and can’t move. Sydney didn’t know she was going to have to get tickled like this. She would have probably just kept her longer sentence because she hates being tickled!

I get up to tickle her upperbody, but only for a minute. Most of my time was spent mercilessly tickling the bottoms of Sydney’s soft beautiful feet!

This is what you signed up for Sydney. Now you must deal with the tickle torment!

Length: 10:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

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