ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Tough Girl Suffers

Bondage has the ability to render anyone helpless. Even if you’re a strong and tough girl like super sexy Adara Jordin, you can’t do anything except await your fate. And as fate would have it, Adara finds herself on my tickle table, tightly bound with heavy duty leather restraints on her wrists and ankles. I even have extra restraints on her muscular thighs for extra security. She ain’t goin’ anywhere! I waste no time at all. I dig my 10 fingertips into her sides and wiggle them as I tickle all up and down her ribs. I taunt her like I normally would, but I keep it toned down a bit this time. So I just maintain my focus on the tickling and watching her reactions. I fucking love the feel of her tight sexy body under my fingertips. Her hard belly, armpits, ribcage, hips and legs are mercilessly tickled in this lengthy tickle torment session. I go down to the foot of the table and give her bare soles a thorough working over too. I was amazed at just how soft Adara’s beautiful feet are. Her soles are like silk! I go back up on the table and straddle her where I continue my relentless tickling and making her suffer. I completely enjoyed every second of it! Her, not so much.

Length: 14:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

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