ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Wicked Tickle Onslaught

Tickled on my own table?? Here I am in my skimpy little two piece, my wrists and ankles tightly restrained to the table while wearing a blindfold, I’m at the complete mercy of tiny little 4’9″ Freya. Here I was thinking I didn’t have to be too concerned with such an ultra-petite girl. I mean, how much could she really do, right? Well, turns out, little Freya here is a bit of a tickle sadist herself! She wastes no time plunging her nimble little fingers into my sides, ribs and belly, making me shriek with laughter and tug hard against these heavy duty cuffs. She must have also really enjoyed the responses she was getting when she went after my sensitive armpits too, because she went after them a lot. She perched herself on top of me, straddling my waist while she tickle tormented me, and the increased immobility made it even worse for me. She concentrated on my upperbody and hips and thighs, so my feet were spared in this scene (per custom request). She even blew raspberries on my belly! Who taught her that?!

Never again will I underestimate someone who comes in a small package, as tiny Freya managed to put me through the ringer!

Length: 10:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Wicked Tickle Onslaught

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