SensuousSubmission – Burglar Whitney Morgan Tickles Paris’ & GiGi’s Feet

There’s been a burglar on the loose in the neighborhood.. And this burglar apparently has a thing for TICKLING FEET! Paris Love and GiGi Lyn have recentely moved into a new house and feel like they’re being watched, in fear they snuggle up to bed together for the night.. hoping to have locked the doors tight. Not tight enough, Whitney Morgan creeps in to see their socked feet dangling from the covers while they slumber. She can’t help but give them a little tickle with her finger tips.. they giggle and stir. She slowly slips off their socks one by one to tickle those soft wrinkled soles of theirs. She knows they’ve awoken, yet they try to remain quiet laughing through snoring, but Whitney tickles them more and more on their bare feet with fingers and feathers.. convinced they WILL give the code to their safe so Whitney can sneak out before the police arrive..

Duration: 24:25.197
Size: 1 375,504 Mb

Download – Burglar Whitney Morgan Tickles Paris’ & GiGi’s Feet

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