SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Indica Fetish Returns Part 2

Continued.. Dr. Whitney Morgan has suggested that to further along her Foot Tickle Therapy, Indica Fetish must use a little restraint on her ever so violently thrashing ticklish feet. Now her ankles, tightly bound – but that’s all.. for now. She must also practice verbal, physical, and mental restraint in the next few ticklish games they will play! Such games as.. Indica must sing “This Little Piggie..” while Dr. Whitney tickles EACH individual toe. As Dr. Whitney finger tickles Indica’s bare soles. she can gasp, grunt, but better NOT LAUGH ALOUD! Last but not least, some crafty tickle tools between her toes.. but she MUST keep her toes spread WIDE and COUNT the seconds as she holds them still while giggling through her teeth. Failure to pass all of the theraputic tickling games will only result in MORE foot tickle therapy on the clock with Dr. Whitney Morgan.. and you know, she’s not going to have a winning streak this session.. to be continued in Part 3.

Duration: 11:21.847
Size: 622,766 Mb

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