SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy Luna Dawn Part 3 – Revenge Tickling

Dr. Whitney Morgan returns to find that her patient Luna Dawn has escaped her ropes.. er medical restraints.. Escaped, but not gone. Lune creeps up behind Dr. Whitney, wrapping her neck tightly in the crook of her elbow. Dr. Whitney’s eyes widen, roll into the back of her head, she collapses into Luna’s arms. Now, time to seek a little Foot Tickle Therapy or rather.. tickle revenge on Dr. Whitney.. Tightly secured to a pole with her own ropes, hands above her head, ankles tight below – still in high heels. Luna Dawn has her way with ticklish Dr. Whitney Morgan. RIPPING her blouse open, buttons flying everywhere.. shreading her black pencil skirt off of her to get to her naked flesh to tickle – even using her very own tickle tools on her for revenge! Leaving Dr. Whitney to struggle.. maybe Luna will check up on her eventually.. and bring a friend.

Duration: 10:15.314
Size: 560,187 Mb

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