SensuousSubmission – FTT: Luna Dawn & Miss Quin Tag Team Dr Whitney

Poor Dr. Whitney Morgan can’t seem to catch a break lately. She stumbled upon the wrong client – Luna Dawn – in her last session…. Luna just so happened to rent her place out as an AirBnB, the perfect place to keep Dr. Whitney tied up tight for the time being to not cause any havoc. Neglecting Dr. Whitney, Luna rents out to Miss Quin whom immediately recognizes Dr. Whitney from a previous tickle session. Overcome with tickle anxiety, both Luna and Quin have some fun with Dr. Whitney tied up tight – tickling her flesh all over, using her own tickle tools upon her, RIPPING her skirt to shreds to use as both a blindfold and cleave gag to muffle her ticklish laughter! Ah, but alas Luna has to ship Dr. Whitney on out of here while Quin rents the house.. Ready for a little more fun Dr. Whitney? With Luna’s bondage buddy just begging to get his hands on you?? To be continued…

Duration: 8:07.553
Size: 440,627 Mb

Download – FTT: Luna Dawn & Miss Quin Tag Team Dr Whitney

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