SilverCherry – Taken and Tickled Part One Her Tiny Feet Get It First

There’s a sick and twisted woman on the loose who goes from town to town and preys on innocent girls to fulfill her weird and perverted desires. Her name is Vika and she’s a tall beautiful woman with long blonde hair. Her idea of fun is capturing very petite, unsuspecting girls, tying them up and gagging them and then taking them to private secluded locations where she has her way with them. Among some of the things Vika likes to do to the captured girls, she apparently really gets off on tickling the girls.

Freya is the unfortunate girl who has become Vika’s latest victim. While on the bed, bound hand and foot and gagged, Freya has no idea about the ordeal she’s about to go through. Vika considers Freya to be one of her favorite captures yet. Because not only is Freya skinny and barely 4’10”, and Vika LOVES petite girls, but she’s also very ticklish too. Vika sits on the bed next to her tied and helpless victim and begins tickling her soft ticklish tiny bare feet. Freya laughs through the gag and rolls around on the bed. Freya isn’t able to kick much because her feet are bound with rope, just like her wrists. Besides, little Freya is no match for Vika’s strength and towering size. She can do nothing but endure Vika’s aggressive foot tickling.

Freya is in for a very long day, and this is only the beginning.

Length: 7:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

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