SimplyTickling – Kalesie’s Kneeling Tied Tickles with Rachel Adams

Kalesies turn! and we really let her have it. Kalesie is tied up while kneeling on the bed and Rachel Adams starts tickling her, starting lightly on her barefeet and working her way up her legs to Kalesie’s belly, sides, and armpits. Kalesie laughs and squeals and complains that there is no where for her to hide her ticklish spots as Rachel has alot of fun. At the end I join in, Teasing Kalesie by saying “I’m coming to tickle you!” then I tickle her from behind while Rachel tickles the front of Kalesie’s thighs and belly. Kalesie goes crazy and breaks out of the ropes so we have her hold the frame while we tickle her harder!

Length: 7:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kalesie’s Kneeling Tied Tickles with Rachel Adams

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