SimplyTickling – Kalesie’s Tickle Hug By Autumn Bodel

Autumn Bodel is such a good Tickler when it comes to Kalesie so I thought we would teach her how to do the Tickle Hug. Kalesie has to lay facedown and keep her arms up while Autumn Hugs her from behind and tickles all over her ribs, sides, hips, belly and armpits. Autumn really finds a good spot while digging into Kalesie’s ribs, finding that her right side is more ticklish than her left. Ordering Kalesie to keep her arms up while she tickles harder and harder until Kalesie is in silent laugh/shreek mode! Of course I help here and there tickling Kalesie’s feet for a bit!

Length: 9:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kalesie’s Tickle Hug By Autumn Bodel

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