SimplyTickling – Rachel Adams Doubleteamed in the Tickle Hold

Rachel Adam’s turn to be in the Tickle hold with Kalesie behind her. Kalesie starts off lightly tickling up and down Rachels sides, going up to tickle her bare armpits before moving down and tickling her bare belly with her long nails. Kalesie finds the best tickle spots and Rachel giggles and squeals the entire time, until I join in to help really get her laughing. Digging into her hips and ribs while Kalesie lightly tickles elsewhere. I sneak in some foot tickling on both Rachel and Kalesie for the fun of it too. We do our best to team up and tickle Rachel silly for the finale!

Length: 10:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rachel Adams Doubleteamed in the Tickle Hold

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