SolesScream – Session Skull Candy Bri Foot Tickled

This was a long time coming. I play with Skull Candy at a few of the Texas Foot Parties, but this is my first time filming it with her, and the first time I actually tickled her for a longer than a minute at a time. I knew she was incredibly ticklish, and our schedules aligned. As you watch the clip, you’ll see that her sensitivity builds up over the course of viewing. I tickle her soles, toes, arches, heels, tops, and every other conceivable place on her feet. As always, I mostly use my fingers, but I add in feathers, paint brushes, hairbrush, electric flosser, electric toothbrush, beaded necklace, rose, and eventually my teeth. Most of the clip is shoot at soles level where you can see Bri’s face and reactions as well as her soles flex and quiver. The last few minutes is a close up of her feet at a slight angle so you can see her soles and arches react.

Length: 12:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Session Skull Candy Bri Foot Tickled

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