StuckInTheStocks – Blue The Witch Gets Tickled!

Halloween brings out the witches, the brujas, every year. And this year, Blue has finally been caught. She has disguised herself every year as an innocent blonde step-mom in the suburbs luring in victims with candy—but when she finally showed herself as the silver-haired witch snatching young ones, she was caught, and it is now time to pay the price. She is mummified and tickled to make her give up the location of the ones she has snagged—so the tickle goes from feathers to combs to everything else to get her to confess. For the first time, she is wrapped tight and a horrible glove with nubs all over it is scrubbed all over her feet, driving her crazy! She will learn never to mess with the people of this village ever again!

Length: 9:45
Resolution: 1280×720

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