StuckInTheStocks – Brandi and Robin Tickled Side by Side!

This is the full-size view of best friends Robin and Brandi locked side by side in the stocks, and tickled silly! Brandi kind of enjoys being tickled, while Robin–well, let’s just say for Robin, having her feet tickled is something close to the worst torment she can imagine! Also, while their outside hands are restrained to the outside edges of the bed, their inside hands (next to each other) are free, so occasionally you may see them flailing about (and hitting each other)! Robin has her own clip store elsewhere, so she doesn’t mind when her face pops into frame, and you may see it once or twice, with an ear-to-ear “I’m being tickled out of my mind” grin on her face! And of course, the big size ten feet of both girls get a good working over!

Length: 13:10
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Brandi and Robin Tickled Side by Side!

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