StuckInTheStocks – Elise Can’t Move!

I usually have to play with someone more than three or four times before I inflict the bag on them; it’s just so intense an experience. After all, they’re laced in from neck to ankles, like being strapped into a giant corset. Their arms are isolated because there are sleeves inside it, so they can’t even move those. Then of course, their feet are locked into the stocks and their toes are tied back. It’s pretty much as restrictive as it can get–and then, they’re going to get tickled out of their minds, and all they can do is go crazy in their heads, because they can hardly even squirm! Elise has been in the straightjacket before when tickled, but this is a step up even from that! What’s worse, she knows that I know the most ticklish spots on her feet, and I also like to show her what I’m going to tickle her with before I start in on her feet with it, so she’s in the most horrible mental place of all! Tickling someone in the mummification sack before has brought on begging and pleading, and I even had one girl have a panic attack! But Elise is a trooper … but she knows she’s gonna go crazy!

Length: 11:03
Resolution: 1280×720

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