StuckInTheStocks – Elise is wrapped up and helpless!

Elise is cinched tight into a straitjacket and is staring at the tops of her feet, knowing that their ticklish bottoms are at my mercy. I’ve tickled her enough to know where her worst spots are (right below her toes) and I’ve told her I know as much and she’s in trouble! You can’t see it but she’s got a big grin of horrible anticipation on her face, because she knows what she’s in for. I love tickling her, because at a certain point, she breaks out in this girlish little “hee hee hee” laughter which is simply ADORABLE. If I’m lucky, she’ll start thrashing her head back and forth, which is her body’s sign that she is nearing the end of her rope, and may even beg me to stop! But before I get to that part, I’m going to watch her long toes twitch and rake all my toys over her little size 7 meaty soles!

Length: 9:18
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Elise is wrapped up and helpless!

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