StuckInTheStocks – Jenni Gets Evil Things Done To Her Toes!

Although Jenni’s is ridiculously ticklish and it’s fun to make her scream, if you really want to get good solid laughter out of her, feathers between her toes are the way to go. She has stupidly sensitive feet, and she’ll wiggle her toes all day– all you have to do is get something soft to slide between them and she’ll laugh herself silly trying to grab them with her toes (and fail)! Even makeup brushes, those soft bristly things that women use to put powder of their faces, will make her flex her toes and giggle away! Just for fun, I also stuck a feather into a pedicure tool, which makes it spin around like it’s on a power drill, and tried to stick it in-between her toes, but she got so wiggly, I just resorted to dragging it over her soles while the resulting tickling did the same thing to her brain!

Length: 8:01
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Jenni Gets Evil Things Done To Her Toes!

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