SydneyLogan – Safeword Challenge

This custom was super fun and the first time someone’s ordered a safeword challenge! The challenge was simple, Bri was to be tickled for 7 minutes and Sydney was supposed to try and make her safeword. IF Sydney didn’t make Bri safeword within the 7 minutes, then she was going to be allowed to tickle Sydney for 5 minutes of revenge. IF I did make her safeword, she would have to remain tied down and be tickled for the remaining 5 minutes of the video. In the beginning of the clip, Sydney explains the rules to her and she becomes excited and accepts the challenge. This is Bri’s first time being tickled for more than 2-3 minutes (in a prior test clip posted earlier in the store) so she isn’t really sure what to expect and neither was Sydney. She is super sensitive all over, her armpits are definitely her weak spot. She is very stubborn and refuses to safeword after a long 7-minutes of tickling, however she definitely got tickled the worst she ever has been before. A deal is a deal, therefore Sydney ends up in the same nerve-wracking position as Bri once was. Strapped down the bed, Bri gets her revenge all over the now nervous Sydney’s body making her squirm and laugh.

Length: 13:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Safeword Challenge

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