TheBKTickler – Dr Bk Bella’s Special Foot Exam

So one of my best nurses showed up to my office because she wasn’t feeling well. With the king shifts that we have at the hospital, she’s been walking around a lot, making her feet feel uncomfortable. So I asked her to lay on the exam table for a foot examination. Massaging her feet, which was making her feet feel a little better. But I had to test her feet more by testing out her sensitivity. I ran my fingers up and down on her feet. Which caused her to react a certain way. I guess it’s because she happens to be very ticklish. But the final part of the exam was to give her some special treatment with my mouth. Which she enjoyed thoroughly but it also still happened to tickle her. Her feet started to feel better, but she also informed that her belly started to hurt, but that’s another exam for another time.

Length: 11:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dr Bk Bella’s Special Foot Exam

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