TheTickleRoom – Captured Catwomans Gang Tickle Hell!

Catwoman (Veronica) is investigating a local disturbance in a home. Little does she know as she is exploring this is ACCTUALLY a trap set by Misa Misa (Alice the cosplayer) with her cohorts (Christina, Joanne the AB, and Alissa)! Catwoman enters the premises through the basement and ascends the stairs unaware of the hell awaiting her through the kitchen hallway. It is a tight fit but she walks through cautiously realizing how dark it is. Misa is standing in the corner nervous wondering if she will see her. But Catwoman thinks the place is empty and lets her cockiness get to her. Well Misa quickly comes from the corner and gets Catwoman dizzy with a vape. Thats when the girls grab her and drag her to the table. Catwoman tries to fight but her body won’t listen as the girls strip her shoes off and TICKLE poor Catwoman everywhere. She is a hysterical mess as Misa removes her mask giving her a light kiss but this is far from over.

Catwoman awakes unmasked and with nothing covering her poor insanely ticklish barefeet. She is terrified as she sees not one but FOUR ladies going near her poor feet. No one has ever tickled her poor feet before and this is one of the scariest situations she has EVER been in. She fights with her body but she goes NOWHERE as they descend on her poor soles. Tied and barely able to move she feels their fingers and IMMEDIATELY screams into a guttural laugh. Its loud and full of her poor begging. 8 hands with 40 fingers on her poor soft delicate feet causes her to lose her mind screaming. Its TOO much. Little does she know Misa instructed the girls to take it SLOW to build her because she has her in for a LONG night of tears and laughter. Misa wants this drawn out to break poor Catwoman.

Length: 6:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Captured Catwomans Gang Tickle Hell!

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