TheBKTickler – A Surprise For An Early Guest – Part 2

Envy was loving the way she was keeping the early guest Stephanie entertained by giving her feet some intense tickling. But the worst was yet to come for Stephanie. Because another guest showed up early.. me. I saw what was happening to her and I couldn’t help myself but to join in. I went straight for the oil to rub on her soles and my finger went straight to work while envy was working one foot with the tickle mitt. And then I grabbed one too we both were scrubbing nonstop on her soles, causing her to whimper for the lord. She couldn’t scream because she was already too worn out from envy alone. Deep down, I think Stephanie was enjoying all of this. But she quickly learned that it wasn’t over as we gave her feet a combo of a hairbrush and the special tickle weapon. “Oh my god” spewed out her mouth more that I lost count. She learned a lesson that day: never show up to a party too early. Check out this great new clip now!

Length: 7:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A Surprise For An Early Guest – Part 2

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