TheBKTickler – Ama’s Tickle Table Debut – Feet

It has finally happened. I’m geeking out just talking about it. Not long ago. I finally had the honor and privilege to meet with (wait for it)…….. AMA RIO! This woman is stunning and tremendously talented… and if you bought any of work (which you definitely should), she’s ticklish as fuck. So meeting her, the “a-game” mentality was in full effect. Meaning she was about to get introduced to the tickle table. Fast forward, she laid her beautiful body on the tickle table. And of course I had to start with her beautiful size 9 1/2 (sometimes 10) feet. I was easing the tension of what she’s about to go through with my sense of humor. Basically making her laugh.. before making her laugh. Then I made her laugh with fingers, electric toothbrushes, and even my special tickle weapon… and do be honest, I still felt I was going easy on her. But I’ll let you be judge once you purchase this new amazing foot tickle video.

Length: 12:33
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ama’s Tickle Table Debut – Feet

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