TheBKTickler – Ama’s Tickle Table Debut – Full Body

As ama rio lays on the tickle table… terrified, I was trying figure which spot I wanna hit first l, considering that every spot on her is extremely ticklish. Admitting that she was scared.. she still can’t escape the inevitable. Starting with the pits, I toyed with her a little bit with some finger crawls, but it was already too much for her. So why hold back ? I started to dig right into those pits!! And already she broke out of one of the bondage wristbands. I tied that back up and got back to work. And came back to work with the electric toothbrushes. It was too much for her to handle. Now time for the belly! Oiled up and ready to be tickled ferociously! With tools and my favorite technique.. raspberries! And the legs and inner thighs were ready for what I like to call “the guitar technique”. Very effective, btw. But I felt I spoke too much, where I’m distracting you from purchasing the great video sooner!

Length: 14:00
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ama’s Tickle Table Debut – Full Body

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