TheBKTickler – Audrey And The Foot Stocks

So I was in Philadelphia recently and I couldn’t wait to work with the talent that the city of brotherly love had to offer. And here where Audrey comes into play. Now she’s not a rookie to the fetish world…especially when it comes to tickling.. but it’s been a while since she’s been tickled. And I was excited to make her get reacquainted with it. Once I locked her in the stocks.. she didn’t know what to expect… we’ll she did, but she didn’t realized that it was going to be intense. I started with light tickles to her size 8 which were always making her go crazy. Even giving her toes light tickles got her screaming for the heavens. Then oil came into play, and my finger went full speed on her soles, and the profanity that was spewed out her mouth was a lot. I gave her a task to do while use the spike balls on her feet. I wanted her to pull her toes back while I did just that. And I commend her how she held it together while it tickled so damn much. Now I can go on what I did with the mitt, and wands and the hairbrushes, and I want you to see all that for yourself. All 19 minutes worth.

Length: 18:27
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Audrey And The Foot Stocks

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