TheBKTickler – Black Widow’s Special Interrogation Training – Part 1

Agent romanoff is one of the best agents that shield has came across. But due to the threats has caused new training sequences that’s mandatory for the agents. This new training for her happens to be interrogation-related. So she had to meet with their best agent in the interrogation department for more training. This time, it was going to be different for the black widow. It was fully explained to her what the exercise was going to be. And she was kinda weirded out by it.. what was the technique, you ask ? It’s tickling. Once we got started, she learned some new things about herself. She already know that she is extremely tough, also she knows that she is ticklish, but she didn’t realized how ticklish she really is. Her feet are locked in my special equipment to start the interrogation training. A lot of tool were used and a lot of things were learned about her that day. Even with everything that was being done to her feet during training, she was shocked to know that I was just getting started. You will enjoy part 1 of this new role play video collection starring autumn bodell. Available now.

Length: 13:14
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Black Widow’s Special Interrogation Training – Part 1

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