TheBKTickler – Black Widow’s Special Interrogation Training- Part 2

Black widow (played by autumn bodell) rarely phase 1 of the special interrogation training. But that was just her feet. Next is her upper body. Still annoyed by this idea, she had no choice but to go along with. I started around her armpits and midsection over her attire, I was getting a bit of a serious reaction. Apparently she’s ticklish in that area. And I went zip down her suit to reveal her full upperbody and that’s where the rest test for her began. Her armpits, nipples, belly and ribs were not safe from my training technique, even though for her, she was going through hell trying to stay strong. I even started using the same tools that were being Used on her feet. But they were more effective on her upperbody. But do you think she the training and is able go through tickle interrogation if the opportunity presented itself ? Find out by purchasing this new video.

Length: 13:25
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Black Widow’s Special Interrogation Training- Part 2

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