TheBKTickler – Claudia’s tickle torture – full body

if you enjoyed Claudia Lewis’ feet getting tickled, youre in for a treat today. now its time for the upper body. and i didnt realized what i got myself into.. her body is ticklish on a whole ‘nother level. i started with the armpits and it didnt take much touching to for her burst out laughing. bnut i couldnt tease her any longer, so i started going all in on the pits… and this is before i applied the oil. but then i whipped out the tools. but i couldnt help but to tease her doing a little dance before putting the electric toothbrush onto the pits. i only did a few dabs but it was enough to have her screaming. next i got to the more acquainted with the upper body. including her ticklish tits. the flosser and the toothbrush combined tickled but i can tell she was enjoying… and i used that same method on her navel and her nipple at the same time. (it was sort of a mess in the background, but dont focus on that) lol. and we BOTH figured out that her ass is actually ticklish. so i definitely too advantage of that…. especially under the cheeks. but all that you can see for yourself once you purchase it now.

Length: 20:32
Resolution: 960×540

Download – Claudia’s tickle torture – full body

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