TheBKTickler – Flordah And The Foot Stocks

I got another cute little thing being introduced to the foot stocks. Her name is flordah, with one of the cutest pair of feet I have ever seen. They’re size 6, by the way. I believe this is her first time getting tickled and I’m honored to give her the inaugural tickle treatment. She laugh is a tad raspy but it’s the cutest thing to listen to. I started slow with some fingers to one soles but that changed real soon. All fingers were on soles soon after. That’s when she did her best not to buck around and she failed that task. It’s a good thing still. But once again I was just getting started. I was a little giving her soles a oil rub down, but she soon realized I did all that to make feet more sensitive and she fell right into that trap. It was time to whip out the wand which made her jaw drop from how much it tickled. The spike ball didn’t do much. But I can’t say that about the hairbrush. Then I did a couple of tool combos on her the soles and that cute raspy laugh got more louder. You wanna know how long endured the wrath of the tickle mitt and the return of my special tickle weapon ? You gotta purchase to find out.

Length: 14:13
Resolution: 1280×720

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