TheBKTickler – Gia And The Foot Stocks

If you knew how many times we been trying to see each other… but great things are worth waiting. Hailing from Florida, we have the amazing adult film star Gia Lovely for some long-awaited tickling. She was in town for Exxxotica, and that when opportunity reared its beautiful head. I lock her in the stock and believe it or not, she was nervous AF! Because she knows how ticklish she is, and I was about to find out. The answer…. VERY! Slow strokes had her toes wiggling all over the place. And imagine when all 10 fingers went full speed. She was ready to give up on me. I encouraged her to stay strong, cause I was just getting started on her which put her in more fright. As time went along, it was time for some tools. The wand and toothbrush used on her feet is where things get interesting. Not only did it tickled, but it was turning her on to the MAX. I believe her eyes rolling back like the undertaker is what gave it away. Even the spike balls being scrapped against her soles was causing her to orgasm. And then I made things worse by sucking on her toes. She was even shaking a little from that The vibrations from the wands by her ankles got her cross-eyed and she just fell back enjoying the moment. The hairbrush against her soles while her toes were sucked was putting in a position where she didn’t know whether to laugh or cum. Her struggle is worth seeing. Available now!

Length: 19:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Gia And The Foot Stocks

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