TheBKTickler – Gia’s tickle table debut – feet

queen Gia love is amazing fetish model.. and finding that she was gonna be in town was the best news ever. This is my first time meeting her. And she has history with tickling. So of course, me being the person that yearns to make a great first impression with a plan is to tickle the hell out of her. Point blank. Starting with her feet. And I happen to bring the tickle table with me.. so it’s a debut for both of us. Look her feet on the table, and the began… we’re gonna between the finger work on the toes and the amount of tools applied her beautiful, she started to realize I was there for serious business. And she also realized that just with the feet, I was just getting started. But that part is another story for another time. But the work I put on the queen is available to see now.

Length: 11:12
Resolution: 960×540

Download – Gia’s tickle table debut – feet

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