TheBKTickler – Ginary, the ticklish cat burglar

So we just finished a serious heist… and the cat burglar and my boss Ginary felt she needed to have her feet worshipped for a job well done.. and little did I know, she wanted me to worship… which is not something I signed up for.. but she is my boss… plus she’s about to find how much I love her feet, even though she never knew about it. Long story short, I’m worshipping her about for a few minutes and was thoroughly impress at my mouth skills on her succulent toes.. and while doing all that, one question was seriously on my mind.. is she ticklish ? So I started tickling her feet a little. She pointed out that that wasn’t part of the plan.. but she was intrigued that I wanted to tickle her. So I took charge of the situation, and took her to the bedroom to tickle her feet more… along with the rest of her ticklish body. I guess this is her way of saying that I’m a great partner in crime but allowing me to search her body for tickle spots. Another classic with Ginary that you can’t afford to miss. Available now.

Length: 10:30
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ginary, the ticklish cat burglar

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