TheBKTickler – HAPPY BDAY, BK Asia Perez – full body

I’m so enjoying my bday in Vegas… because started it off with the legend Asia Perez! It was fun giving her feet the tickle business.. but I wasn’t done. I had the rest of beautiful body to tickle . And by following her work for year, I know every inch of her is ticklish, and with the sadistic tickler I am, I had to impress her. I start with the armpits.. barely touching and she wanted to scream for the cops. That didn’t stop from teasing her pits with a finger or 2, before going in on them. And she had the cutest safe word: bubbles. I was in love with it. So much that I wanted her to say it more and more. And I did with electric toothbrushes to puts and the rest of her upper body. Very ticklish nipples she has. And of course, that cute little tummy of hers was not gonna go unnoticed. My fingers running up and down her belly of assurance of that. And raspberries… can’t forget those. I put myself in the line of fire messing with knees. I noticed has mean expression on her face after I make her safe word. It’s too cute. Aside from the intense tickle being given to an amazing model, it’s definitely Another reason to purchase this video. Available now!

Length: 14:07
Resolution: 960×540

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