TheBKTickler – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BELLA INK- Bella’s tickle table debut – full body

I gotta say I’m flattered to have Bella ink to spend her birthday being tickled by me. I gotta make it count by putting her through the most intense tickling she has ever been through. I had fun with the feet, and now it’s time for the rest of her beautiful ticklish body. I consider her one of my teacher when it comes to the art of tickling. She vicious. So I definitely had to be the same. I was going easy on her armpits with my fingers… but that changed quickly.. especially when I whipped out the finger claws. Although light touches with the claws was getting the job done. And that beautiful midsection of hers was waiting for the intensity coming it’s way. Pressure with the thumbs to the belly made her spew a safe word or 2 of out her mouth… same thing with her legs and inner thighs, which happened to be extremely ticklish but it sounded so great to hear, so I did all I could to her to make her say more. She tried acting tough, but I don’t think it was successful from where I was standing. But I’ll let you be the judge by purchase this is amazing new video. Consider it a bday gift from me to you.

Length: 14:33
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BELLA INK- Bella’s tickle table debut – full body

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