TheBKTickler – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BELLA INK! Bella’s tickle table debut

So Bella ink decided to spend her bday in New York City…. and even though last minute, opportunity knocked at the perfect time! And I traveled to the city to give her a bday gift she would never forget on the tickle table… in the form tickling. Starting with the feet. I have followed her work for years.. so I know off the bat that’s crazy ticklish. So I was ready to make a great first impression since this was my first time meeting her. So My fingers started slow on her soles slow but that didn’t last long… and when I saw the fear in her eyes when the oil got applied to her soles. Also the first of her feet were extremely tickling. She told me nobody had tickled the front of her feet but she didn’t realized that she was dealing with a different type of tickler. Whipped out the feather and I was loving her reactions to it. Along with the reactions to the electric toothbrushes…. even gave her a challenge to keep the spike ball in between her feet while tickling all over her feet.. now I would love to tell you how she reacted when I whipped out the hairbrush and my special tickle weapon on her. But that’s when you should be purchasing this new video to find out. So you do that. Available now.

Length: 13:23
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BELLA INK! Bella’s tickle table debut

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