TheBKTickler – Honey VS Remy Honey’s tickle table debut

I was so excited for this one. I got to work with the couple of Honey and Remy. Honey and I was supposed to shoot with each other a while when I went to Tampa. So when I saw she was coming to NYC, I had to jump on that. And remy coming along with her was icing on the cake. I’ve seen the work they have done together and I see how much they love tickling each other. So that’s what we’re starting with. Honey hopped on the tickle table first for remy to have her fun with. It was such a thrill, and a turn on to see remy’s fingers crawl all over honey’s ticklish body. And she’s an excellent taunter. She knew all the right things to say before getting ready to go for those tickle spot. This video is 5 minutes of pure non-stop tickle bliss. Don’t worry, there’s more. But in the meantime, youre definitely wanna add this new video to your collection. Enjoy!

Length: 5:07
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Honey VS Remy Honey’s tickle table debut

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