TheBKTickler – Jessika And Foot Stocks – Part 2 All Tools

It’s cute how Jessika stone thought it was all over. Not today. Not ever! Before I had her feet spread apart, but I have them together to give them an equal amount of tickling… but with tools only.. I started with some oil. She actually thought she was getting a massage. She was in denial that I was prepping her for the claws. I started with slow strokes which she enjoyed. A little bit too much. So then I was being quicker with the claws that caused her to clinch up. Next up was the electric comb, and I know I said it was tools only, but I cheated with this one. I couldn’t help my l self with give her the combo of the comb and fingers. Same with the wand and my special tickle weapon. Where she lost all control of her senses and damn near fainted on the table. Now it was time to use the mitts..she hated those so much. With the way I used them on her, she had a right to. But she was just gonna have to suck it up. There were plenty more tools used, but you’ll have to purchase the video to see the rest. Available now.

Length: 7:49
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Jessika And Foot Stocks – Part 2 All Tools

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