TheBKTickler – Jessika And The Foot Stocks (uncut)

Another beautiful new model has come up to my studio… a Brazilian model named jessika stone. I was captivated by her. And what’s Great about her.. she’s ticklish as hell!! Her size 10s feet we’re about to get it.. all I had to do was get her feet into the stocks. Once tied she was about to find out herself on how ticklish she really is. and I was being staring off with my fingers.. which made go crazy alone. My fingers went all her soles. There wasn’t a single part of her feet safe from me. Some of the tools I used felt good to her, which is great. But i was there to push her past her limits to break. And the wands did just that.. but that wasn’t it for her. I had to whip how the hair brushes out. Which she didn’t see coming. And she didn’t she was gonna burst laughing the way she did. And I wanna tell you how she reacted to the tickle mitts, but imma let you see it for yourself. Available now!

Length: 16:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Jessika And The Foot Stocks (uncut)

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