TheBKTickler – Lady velvet’s tickle table debut – feet

I had a nice little treat waiting for me when I got back home from my trip to Orlando. In the form of lady velvet. And this was a last minute plan. And you know how much I love those. It was my first time meeting her. And i had to make a great unforgettable impression on her. So I brought the tickle table to do just that. She knew I was taking this serious with feet tied right to the table.. for a ticklish one, she’s a tough one. While my fingers was working their magic, she asked if that was the best that I got. That’s something she shouldn’t have asked considering she’s hasn’t really seen a lot of my work to realized that that was a mistake what she said. I made sure of that when I whipped out the massage ball, the hairbrushes, did a little bit of toe sucking which we both enjoyed.. but she quickly regretted that question when I whipped out the tickle machine. You’re just gonna have to see the results of segment. And you’re gonna love it. AvailAble now

Length: 10:11
Resolution: 1280×720

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