TheBKTickler – Lady velvet’s tickle table debut – full body

The best intense tickling was yet to come for lady velvet. Still strapped to the tickle table, I was ready to unleash some upper body tickling on her. And she was so “excited” about it. ESPECIALLY when I started with the armpits… throughout that segment, I was ignoring her while she was screaming to god for the tickling to start. I even challenged to not laugh while I applied fingers and tools to her pits… and calling on god still didn’t stop me from digging deep in her beautiful tattooed belly.. she may have enjoyed the nibbling and raspberries to her belly, or maybe it was just me. But i noticed where the sweet spot was… her inner thighs.. I lost count how many times she regret me getting to that tickle spot. It was rolling on deaf ears while I was working her inner thighs like a guitar. There’s more to be said about her experience, but I’d rather you purchase this great news video to see for yourself.

Length: 10:08
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Lady velvet’s tickle table debut – full body

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